Hendricks County 4-H Happy Heelers Dog Club

Welcome to the Hendricks County Happy Heelers 4-H Dog Club!


We are glad that you have decided to enroll in the dog project. We have seen
tremendous growth in the last several years. Because of the growth we have
decided one of the best ways we can communicate clearly the information you
need to know is through the dog club website.

We are a project club. We have training sessions to train
dogs. We do not hold “meetings” other than orientations at the first of the
year and our GIT-R-DONE night in June when we talk about getting ready for the
fair. Our other “meetings” are considered “training sessions.” We strongly
suggest that your child joins a township club especially if they are in other
projects. We are only associated with
dogs – a township club can help you with questions about other projects such as
sewing, woodworking or cake decorating etc..
Your activity books can be signed by your township leader.

Our volunteers are dedicated to helping your children
complete the dog project. They dedicate many hours away from their own families
to help 4-H members in the Dog Club. Please let them know how much they are
valued during the training season.

Often we need parent volunteers for small tasks. Please
volunteer to help out your child’s club.

In your child’s first year they are eligible to show in 1A
obedience at the fair, if they show in obedience then they also can show in

You must show in obedience to be eligible to show in any
other discipline.

We train on Monday nights at different locations on the
Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds. Please check the calendar often for updates.
Please use good judgment when inclement weather is approaching the area and
check the website for cancellations.

We look forward to working with your kids, both 2 and 4
legged. We hope your child will learn how to care and train their dog.
Hopefully they will bond together and learn to work together as a team through
the years.

Please look over the website information that will help you.
We have “cheat sheets” that will help you and your child with obedience exercises.
We have a Participation Requirements that will help you with what is required
to show at the County and State fair (on website’s home page). Please read over
the Dog Club rules on the website’s home page. The dresscode and footwear are
strictly enforced.

We look forward to working with your 4-H member!

Dixie Harnishfeger

Hendricks County 4-H Dog Club Project Leader