Hendricks 4-H Dog Club Training Tips

"No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin

These are tips to help your child at home and ways parents can help kids in class:

Training Tips….How to help your 4-Her Improve Communication with the dog.


How do I teach my dog to "Stay?" 

     ü      Lead off with the RIGHT (side away from dog) foot to have the dog stay.



How do I teach my dog to "Heel?" 

ü  Lead off with the LEFT (side closest to dog) foot to have the dog move forward.


What if my dog won’t sit for “Sit Stays?”

ü      Tell the dog to sit, tell it to stay, then move directly in front of the dog and stand. Return to the HEEL position (right side of dog)….remember do not walk around the dog. Do this for the first week; progress will be made each day.


ü      2nd Week repeat above step, but move about 2 feet out from the dog after giving the command of “Stay.” This week try to go around the dog to return to the heel position. It is ok to continue to give the verbal command “Stay” out loud. Don’t forget to praise the dog for a job well done J.


What if my dog won’t stay “Down?”

ü      Have the dog lie down then sit down on the ground next to the dog, giving the verbal command “DOWN.” To help the dog understand give the praise again.


ü      Next try standing in front of the dog. If he tries to get up, shorten the leash stand on it, not allowing the dog to stand up. Give praise for a good job.


How do I complete my figure 8 pattern?

ü      Start off on the LEFT foot. Turn to the left to start the top of the “8”


ü      Check for straight sits and corrections when going around the outside circle. Don’t drag the dog around the circle. It is ok to encourage the dog while completing the pattern.


How do I teach my dog Stand for Exam?

ü      Don’t stand in between the dog and the judge/volunteer. Always give the dog and judge/volunteer a clear view.


ü      The judge/volunteer should approach the dog and hold out a fist so he can smell it. The judge/volunteer should tap the dog on the back three times. At first the dog may only allow one pat. Working up to three.



ü      Dog won’t stand up—Take the leash around the belly of the dog to help keep him from sitting down, give the verbal command “Stand.”


ü      Dog won’t stay— Stand in front of the dog as the judge/volunteer approaches the dog. When the judge/volunteer is done return to the RIGHT side of the dog, do not walk around the dog.



How do I teach my dog "Recalls?"

Beginners—First, tell your dog to sit and stay, with them on your left side. Move directly in front of your dog to the end of your leash. Next, call your dog. Say, “(Dog’s name), come!” Next, take a few steps backwards quickly. Once your dog comes, have them sit in front of where you are standing. Next is the finish (by heel). (We will practice more in class) Ask the trainers for more tips on your finish.

Always remember to PRAISE your dog, even for trying!